Jobs planned for 2015


A number of improvements were suggested by the sub-committee to help with efficiency of the running of the club, improving the appearance and comfort for members and make us more appealing to prospective members.

Clean up front of building fit cctv to outside.
Decorate the entrance hall, fit cctv
Re arrange clubroom and decorate
Re design firing points A Range
Re plate back stop and renew splash curtain A range
Re paint both ranges
Re fit reloading room to make it more useable for our needs
Re fit armoury to provide better and more secure storage
Rebuild dog kennels on roof over ranges
Fit some heating at ranges

Yes it looks like a lot to do! But most of it needs 3-4 people so I hope we have have enough people to give us a little time and muscle power to improve your club. Full details can be found in the club of actual plans and dates.

We have to do the above jobs we can get quotes for the work and pay someone to do it, but our slush fund would be gone and it is almost certain that our beloved treasurer would want more subs, doing it ourselves is best option.