Next Visually Impaired Target Shooting Meeting 18th February 2015


At the last meeting were Terry, Steve (FO), David, Gillian and Jenna, supported and helped by Patrick, Jim, Moss, Rowan, Brian, Alan and Frank. Terry and Patrick also came with a full bag of biscuits which is making the New Year resolution to lose a bit weight more difficult!!

This meeting the marksmanship was well above average with one or two surprises. David led the field with a 99/100, and much to his pleasure (illustrated with a beaming smile) came Terry with a 90/100 followed by an even better 93/100. Patrick’s patient coaching has paid off at last!!!!!

I did remember to collect the Cup and Shield from the engraver and these can be given to the winners at the next meeting.

The next meeting will be the last practice for those going to the National Competition at the end of the month. For this practice I suggest we shoot five cards and then the competitor have a short rest before shooting the next five cards. The scores would seem to indicate that the shooters are perhaps getting a bit tired towards the end of the shoot?

I spoke to Ken Nash (NSRA) this morning and he said that if we asked for 11.30 Sunday morning to shoot he is certain that is how we will be squadded, we will go for it then!

Our thanks to the long suffering coaches & helpers Moss, Jim, Rowan, Alan, Brian and not forgetting Patrick and Frank for without you all not much would happen!!

See you all at the next meeting (except Jim who is on hols).