Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get a firearms certificate?

    In short, join a club, complete the probationary period and training, accept full membership when offered and then apply to the local police for a certificate. The club will help you with this procedure.

  • Does the club cater for competition shooting?

    We run a selection of internal competitions for members, access to postal leagues and sometimes members shoot in competitions around the country.

  • Is the sport expensive?

    This depends on what you want to do and what type of shooting you are interested in. Full bore target at Bisley can be costly because of the range costs and the price of the ammunition. However .22 and gallery rifle shooting is fairly cheap.

  • My son is interested, can he join?

    If he is over 12 years old then he can join but must be accompanied at all times by a parent/guardian whilst they are on the club premises or at club shoots. This applies up to the age of 17 years.

  • What type of shooting do you do?

    We cover all of the gallery rifle disciplines, black powder pistol and target rifle.

  • Does the club shoot at other ranges?

    Yes, we have a number of days at Bisley and when dates are available, at local military ranges where we shoot full bore target rifle at between 300 and 1000 yards.

  • I have no gun, what can I shoot?

    The club has a number of guns for members to use at no charge.

  • I do not have a firearms certificate, can I join?

    The answer is yes, you are able to join the club although you will have to serve a 3 month probationary period and complete training to the Home Office requirements.

  • What about training?

    There is no charge for training or for the coaches time, and training is available during the probationary period and at any time afterwards to help you achieve your desired results.

  • What type of club is the 49th?

    The club is run by members, for members and nobody draws a wage from running the club. This ensures that all costs are kept to a minimum.

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